About Us


We do every aspect of photography: corporate events, head shots, portraits, real estate, commercial photography, and family photos. If you are looking  for great professionals we are here for you. 

Video Production

Stars Media Group specializes in producing: movies, corporate commercials, non-profit  production, music videos, sporting events, and corporate functions. If you want the highest quality production to help brand  your product we would love to work with you.


We build personal relationships with our clients, and  work to make sure you get what you are looking for. We love what we do; working with our team of professionals you get passionate experts in the field. We started our company by publishing books, so that is the basis of Stars Media Group. If you have an idea and need help getting your voice heard, we are here to help.

Mission Statement

What We Stand For?

Stars Media Group is committed to building great quality media production. Although we produce and create our own projects; working with others is very important to us. Founded on the ideas of creativity and efficiency you can expect honesty, integrity and most of all a wonderful experience. In life we have the ability to imagine and create the reality we want to live in, and for us we are here to help that vision come true. 

Working on Your Project

If you are interested in learning more, emailing us with as much information on what it is you are looking for would be great. If you are an independent writer, you have this AMAZING idea for a book and excited to make this come to fruition, GREAT! We ask that you are as clear as possible and ready to have your project published when reaching out so we can better assist you. If you are looking for photography services, please be clear on how long? Location? And what type of photography shoot you are looking for. These small details really do HELP us HELP you. Video Production, works the same way. Please be very detail oriented for what type of shoot, and when you would like for it to take place. We understand the excitement you have when gearing up for a project because we feel the same way about our own work. It's a lot of fun seeing your published copy of your books, or amazing photos with you and your family, or the video you always wanted. That's why we love what we do, the excitement and passion truly does show in our work. 

Project Policy

When contacting us we will respond no later than 24-48 hours from the time you submit your request. We do receive a lot of inquires but will reply back as promptly as we can. In order for a project to be officially in order we do require a 35-50% down payment to secure our services.